Computer Network: Link Layer

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(Network adapter)
  • point-to-point link: a point-to-point link consists of a singlevsender at one end of the link and a single receiver at the other end of the link. Many link-layer protocols have been designed for point-to-point links; the point-to-point protocol (PPP) and high-level data link control (HDLC) are two such protocols.
  • Broadcast Link: a broadcast link, can have multiple sending and receiving nodes all connected to the same, single, shared broadcast channel. The term broadcast is used here because when any one node transmits a frame, the channel broadcasts the frame and each of the other nodes receives a copy. Ethernet and wireless LANs are examples of broadcast link-layer technologies.
  • Forwarding and Filtering: Filtering is the switch function that determines whether a frame should be forwarded to some interface or should just be dropped. Forwarding is the switch function that determines the interfaces to which a frame should be directed, and then moves the frame to those interfaces. Switch filtering and forwarding are done with a switch table. The switch table contains entries for some, but not necessarily all, of the hosts and routers on a LAN.
  • A switch has the wonderful property (particularly for the already-overworked network administrator) that its table is built automatically, dynamically, and autonomously — without any intervention from a network administrator or from a configuration protocol. In other words, switches are self-learning.
  • Switches are plug-and-play devices because they require no intervention from a network administrator or user. A network administrator wanting to install a switch need do nothing more than connect the LAN segments to the switch interfaces. The administrator need not configure the switch tables at the time of installation or when a host is removed from one of the LAN segments. Switches are also full-duplex, meaning any switch interface can send and receive at the same time.
(Packet Processing with switches and routers)
(A single switch with two configured VLANs)
(A data center network with a hierarchical topology)




SDE Intern @ Merkle Sokrati | CS Undergrad Student | Inspired by Alan Turing😊

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Rahul Singh Sengar

Rahul Singh Sengar

SDE Intern @ Merkle Sokrati | CS Undergrad Student | Inspired by Alan Turing😊

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